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23.1 Subject And Verb Agreement Answers

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April 16, 2021
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September 8, 2021

23.1 Subject And Verb Agreement Answers

Here are the answers to the activity of practicing subject-verb agreement. The numbers refer to the rule of the handout subject-verb agreement. 11. Most of the Roosevelt documents (have been, have been) made available to the public. Rule 4 25. The occupation of the characters (including) an infant and a grandfather. Rule 4 18. University life and high school life (east, are) very different. (Two things: it`s like “bananas and oranges are very different.” 22. Each of the cheeses (which has been, has been) is sampled by the inspector. Rules 4 and 5 10.

The Magnificent Amberson (is, are) interesting to read. (One book) 21. This is one of those people who are never ready in time. (Rule 6 It is one of these persons. These people are never ready in time.) 15. Probably some of the oranges (no, not) ripen until April. Rule 4 9. Every planet, including Earth, revolves around the Sun. 17. Someone from Mr. Brown`s classes (is, that`s) sure he has the information we need.

Rule 4 6. Either your learning habits or your attitude (is, are) that causes your problems at school. Rule 31. The cost of his explorations (have been, have been) paid by scientific societies. Rule 412. The mayor of the city and the governor of the state (were) in the conference. (Two people: it`s like “Jack and Jill were at the conference.” 7. Fifteen minutes (is, are) enough time for this exercise. Rule 213. It`s important to me (no matter where you go. 24.

Each of the rooms (a, have) a color TV. Rules 4 and 5 20. Two weeks (are, are) enough for a trip of this length. Rule 2 19. (There are, there are) not many selfless people in the world. (Rule 1 Reverse the sentence: There are disinterested people) 14. Everyone who lives in these apartments (okay, okay) with me. Rule 5 4.

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