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Amicable Separation Agreement

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September 10, 2021
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September 11, 2021

Amicable Separation Agreement

You have the legal right to make your own decisions about how to solve problems. You don`t need to go through the courts. You can also write your decisions into a separation agreement. Once your separation agreement has been signed by both of you in front of a witness, it will become a legally binding document. We can help you reach amicable agreements in the areas of finances, child and spouse maintenance calculations and help you lay the foundation for how you will educate your children in the future. We document all the agreements you enter into and they are written into your separation agreement. The establishment of your separation contract is a purely administrative service and does not involve legal advice. What should I keep in mind in case of consensual separation? As a mediator and designer of dispute resolution systems, I`ve spent a lot of time talking to separating and outgoing couples who have agreed that they will be friendly, but are struggling to find a way forward. In fact, in my experience, this is the rule rather than the exception.

Kristian and I discussed what we could do to improve our financial situation. He offered to take the kids for another night during the week, so I could do some extra work. We negotiated until we talked to a mid-term agreement that none of us were completely satisfied with. In retrospect, it was a good clue that it was fair enough. However, it is always advisable to be careful and make sure that you are fully informed when making decisions, if you are sailing by mutual agreement. The most stressful way to manage business is to agree on who will have what. If you can`t, you may need someone to help you reach an agreement, for example. B a mediator or a lawyer specialising in the family. If you received legal advice from a family lawyer shortly after your separation, you may feel better able to make an informed decision about arrangements for children and the division of marital property.

If you think the DIY option is right for you, we`ve just launched Lumi, the world`s first separation and divorce robot (with the generous support of the Queensland government). Lumi is completely free and will work with both of you to create a custom separation roadmap with instructions and resources every step of the way. This was inspired by a research paper we did on the separation experience of 50 Couples of Australian friends. We found that mature and friendly couples had a hard time navies through the system, despite their good intentions and mutual commitment to solving things right. Lumi was created to offer a simple and accessible first step forward for friendship couples dealing with separation and divorce. Getting divorced is never easy. But if you find a way to reach an amicable agreement with your partner, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, stress, and grief. You will also make it much less painful for your children. To help you and your partner reach a more amicable agreement, family law lawyer Angela Lally shares her advice. .

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