Collective Agreement Cssea – Prifesional S

Collective Agreement Cssea

City Of Miami Police Collective Bargaining Agreement
September 14, 2021
Commonwealth Project Agreement
September 15, 2021

Collective Agreement Cssea

(a) prevents an agency or authority from using volunteers where the use of volunteers does not result in the dismissal of a worker, or (a) in a dwelling owned by a person or rented and inhabited by that person, who is that person`s primary health care provider, and (e) provide for the future admission of other trade unions to the trade union organisation that the Labour Relations Board may certify; to represent staff members of an agency who are in a bargaining unit and (c) agencies providing primarily services other than those described in points (a) and (b); 4. If, before the expiry of the period laid down pursuant to paragraph 2, the statutes referred to in paragraph 2 are not approved by the trade unions and approved by the labour committee, the labour relations council shall adopt the statutes within thirty days of the expiry of that period. . . .

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