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Tenant Not On Tenancy Agreement

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Tenant Not On Tenancy Agreement

have a secure short-term rental agreement, a student housing lease or an occupancy license – check the type of rental you have if you are not sure if I am renting the living room in a colleagues` house for me and my friend. We pay every week and have an oral agreement that we have to pay every week because it`s just the living room. Well, we had two weeks` notice and we still have to pay in the fortnight trial. Wouldn`t we have assumed we had 30 days` notice to leave? Please, I need answers! However, there is a recourse for this problem if you find that you do not have a lease and that your tenants are causing you problems that justify their eviction. Despite the absence of a lease, we are still able to find a quick and legal evacuation solution for you, without having to resort to measures that might not be legal. If you think that your lease could contain unfair terms, you can contact your nearest citizen councils. Unless otherwise stated, you are entitled to a minimum rental period of six months. For the first six months of your tenancy, your landlord can`t increase the rent. If your landlord asks you to leave before the end of these six months, you can defend yourself in court. Talk to an advisor if you receive a layoff in the first six months of your tenancy. If a tenant does not have a written agreement or has not been returned to them, they are still protected by Queensland rental law and can access RTA`s services. This means that the tenant and the administrator/owner have rights and obligations under the law.

We paid rent every month and paid extra for the acomphement for a few months, and they constantly threatened to put us out because things are not what they want. We have invested more than 60 000 people in this House, now my question is that if they break this agreement, can we get our money back? The fact that landlords and tenants do not have a written lease does not affect any of their legal rights.. . . .

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