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Turo Car Rental Agreement

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Turo Car Rental Agreement

Any vehicle you list in the services should be listed only in the services. You cannot list the vehicles you want to share on services in another car-sharing market. Failure to comply with this condition may, at Turo`s sole discretion, result in fines, penalties, refusal of compensation, withdrawal of the vehicle from services, closing of the account or any other measure. To learn more about this directive, click here. This does not limit the ability of commercial hosts to maintain their own car rental activity or to prohibit a vehicle from being included in carpooling or other delivery services when it is not on a Turo reservation. If you refuse a protection plan provided through services (z.B. if you wish to offer your customers your own business and rental policies) or if no protection plan is offered through the services, you are a “commercial host”. They are protected by $20 million in liability insurance and each traveller is subject to due diligence. Or bring your own commercial rental insurance and take a bigger slice of the pie.

Turo is not a car rental. It does not have a fleet and is not active to rent vehicles to the public. Turo offers an online platform on which vehicle owners and vehicle owners can meet and share vehicles under these conditions. If you opt for this option, there is no collision protection and liability protection until the minimum requirements of the state. Choose this option only if you are sure that your private car insurance extends to turo rentals. Otherwise, your financial liability is related only to the current value of the car and the costs associated with the damage process. If you decide to take out your own commercial rental insurance in the U.S., U.K. or Canada, or if no coverage or insurance is offered by the services in your area, you are, as a host or authorized representative acting on behalf of the host, solely responsible for providing commercial rental insurance coverage for any booking of your vehicles via Turo. You must at least carry the minimum liability insurance and/or property damage insurance necessary for your vehicle, your customer and your licensed driver. If you decide to do so, refuse a protection plan or do not offer one in your area, ensure and guarantee that you are a licensed commercial rental company or that you are entitled to act and tie it on behalf of a commercial car rental company in connection with the list of vehicles on Turo, or (2) you are an individual or a business or are authorized to act and hire it on behalf of a company that may offer professional rental insurance to customers.

You also acknowledge and accept that you do not have coverage or insurance coverage from Turo, Turo Insurance Agency, LLC or related companies, be it financial liability for property damage, third-party liability protection, uninsured or underinsured driver`s insurance, PIP or similar coverage or compensation, troubleshooting or trust and security support in the context of booking your vehicle if you have opted for your own commercial rental insurance. They add Turo as an additional insured for all applicable auto and excess liability policies. These provisions replace and replace all Turo insurance or insurance that acts on Turo`s behalf, including, but not limited to statements regarding Services, Terms, Demher, Guidelines, Emails and/or Marketing Materials regarding protection plans, insurance and troubleshooting services offered to the host and hosts, if hosts do not refuse protection through the Services. This plan costs 40% of your rent. So if the rental price is $100, the addition of the Premium plan would increase the price to 140 $US. If you book a vehicle on the services, you can only do so for your personal use and not for commercial purposes (z.B.

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